Ep18: Mortal Koil

With the recent release of the new MORTAL KOMBAT movie, Jason and Kristel take the low-hanging fruit and compare 2021 to 1995.

Ep17: Film Vs Digital – Projection

In the final episode of our three-part series, Kristel and Jason look at film vs digital in the realm of exhibition and projection. Who will come out on top as the winner and what kind of crazy prizes are in store?

Ep16: Film vs Digital – Capture

In part two of our debate over film vs digital, Kristel and Jason take a look at how the different mediums work when actually capturing imagery. Jason’s background in filmmaking and Kristel’s background in still photography both come into play as they share their experiences and preferences.

Ep15 – Film vs Digital: Archive

The age old argument. Film vs digital. Which is better? Jason and Kristel tackle this heated debate in a three part series, starting here by looking into which approach works better for archiving.

Episode 14 – The Prestige

Are you watching closely? Kristel and Jason were as we re-watched the Nolan film, THE PRESTIGE. Kristel remembers hating the movie when she first saw it in theaters, but will her opinion change when she sees it again 15 years later?

Ep 12 – Citizens of the World

Another plug for a title available on the IFS website (internationalfilmseries.com), Kristel and Jason react to CITIZENS OF THE WORLD – an Italian film that tells the story of three retirees in Rome looking to move away to get the most out of their pensions. [in loud Italian voice] COME AN!!!

Ep 11 – The Invisible Man

Elisabeth Moss has had to deal with a lot of scary men in her career, and this film is no different. While surprisingly good, the film is not without it’s shortcomings, some of which aren’t its fault and can all be blamed (somehow) on Thanos…?

Ep 10 – Amulet

We’re starting to get into the Halloween mode with our first horror film! This title is available to rent through the International Film Series website and is well worth the watch. Why? Well, it’s a first-time female writer/director who demonstrates how to tell an eerie feminist horror story with a great slow burn and an…

Ep 09 – V For Vendetta

Finishing up their round of films based off of graphic novels, Jason and Kristel dig into the awkwardly timely V FOR VENDETTA and talk about how it relates to the 2020 pandemic and political climate. Plus, Jason finally asks Kristel the big question!