Meet the Team

Blue Dragon Films is comprised of a small, dedicated family with big ideas and ambitious goals. The people listed below represent incredible talent with a focus and drive that puts them in a world all their own. While there are many who regularly work as part of the Blue Dragon family for certain productions, these are the driving force behind the company.

Jason Phelps- Founder and Creative Director


Jason’s background is in film production and while his focus has been primarily in narrative shorts and features, he has become well versed in the commercial world. Graduating with a BFA through the prestigious Film Studies program offered at CU, Boulder, Jason quickly began working closely with indie film legend Alex Cox as well as the large talent pool present at the university. In early 2016, Jason created Blue Dragon Films, LLC. Currently, he acts as Creative Director and Producer for all of the company’s projects – and is heavily involved in writing, directing, and editing. The ultimate goal being that Blue Dragon Films helps create a larger film community in the state of Colorado that is welcoming to independent artists and filmmakers while simultaneously building a powerful startup community through brand marketing and media support.


Adam Elbeck – Executive Business Partner


Adam is a valuable asset to the Blue Dragon team. Acting as a producer and
production coordinator, he organizes and solves logistical issues that arise. Adam is
an accomplished filmmaker with experience working on reality television, narrative
film and various other commercial shoots from NYC to LA. Adam is a University of
Colorado alum and a Denver local. He is a strong supporter of the budding film
industry in Colorado. He strives to produce interesting and challenging material and
touch what others’ deem untouchable.

Adam joined the Blue Dragon team in mid-2017, but has had a solid presence with the company since its creation. His wealth of knowledge and experience has become invaluable to our success. Adam’s background is in film production with a focus on its uses for small businesses, making him in essence the face of the company to most of our clients.

“I believe in filling whatever role needs to be done from grip and electric work, to
daily call sheets. I can step into any role that needs to be filled in order to create a powerful film.”


Kate Lawlor- Marketing Intern


Kate graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Humanities and Technology Arts and Media. She found her passion in film through creating online videos and interning for a media company in high school. Her future goals are to work in social media and online content creation and videography for creative companies. Kate began interning for Blue Dragon Films LLC shortly after its creation and has been indispensable in creating a strong online presence.