In Development

There are just too many good ideas and not enough time to film them all. Here you’ll find current information on up-and-coming productions from Blue Dragon Films ranging from our feature length films to YouTube video ideas.


Untitled Slasher Comedy

Status: Script writing

Type: Feature film

ETA: Late 2018

A satirical homage to classic slasher/horror films of the 80s, this production will be Blue Dragon’s first foray into the horror genre. With the large and supportive community of this genre, we are confident that this film will prove to be successful. The film will be written by Jason Phelps and Scott Schroeder. As this project is still in the writing phase, no plot details are as of yet available.


Untitled Horror “Trilogy”

Status: Script writing

Type: Feature film

ETA: Mid to late 2018

A more serious take on the horror genre, this project is a joint production between Jason Phelps and Victor Jendras. Currently the two are in the writing phase and are rapidly closing in on completion. The feature-length film will be broken into three distinct stories representing different styles of horror. Each “chapter” will be an adaptation of a short story written by a famous novelist. As we are still working on licensing and rights, the original writers will be announced at another time (rest assured, however, that a RAVEN told me that IT will be as powerful as CTHULHU…and just as subtle).


Untitled Documentary

Status: Concept/Research

Type: Feature film

ETA: Indeterminate

Blue Dragon’s first step into documentary films will center around the funeral industry. Particularly as an exploration of those that provide the much needed support from family members left behind after a death and the oddly taboo discussion topic of options that many may not know they have for their remains. We will be working with funeral homes and their staff to provide a respectful and informative look at a world that many may not feel comfortable looking in but we all must deal with someday.


Lip Service [Working Title]

Status: Partial production

Type: YouTube series

ETA: Late 2017 to early 2018

Starting as a project while studying film at CU, Boulder, Jason Phelps developed an idea and created a popular short video that we will be developing into a small reoccurring series on our YouTube channel. This series will play with the sound design in major studio blockbusters by replacing them with vocalizations provided by Jason himself. Keep an eye on our YouTube page for this series to drop!