Sprocket Damage

Sprocket Damage is the podcast by Blue Dragon Films, which features talks with others in the independent film world ranging from serious topics about struggles filmmakers deal with to pop culture dissections for a good laugh. You can find them on iTunes or just download them here for free!


Rounding out their collection of films based off of graphic novels, Jason and Kristel dig into the awkwardly timely V FOR VENDETTA and talk about how it relates to the 2020 pandemic and political climate. Plus, Jason finally asks Kristel the big question!


This movie is dense! How does this divisive film compare to its graphic novel source material? Kristel and Jason dig deep and shed some light on this 2009 flick.


Kristel joins the show to talk about the 2005 film, CONSTANTINE. How does it hold up when looking at it almost 15 years later?

EP 6 – Review: The Shape of Water and the King Kong Conundrum

This week Jason takes a moment to review the new film by acclaimed director Guillermo del Toro. The Shape of Water is a new fantasy/drama and in this spoiler-free review, we talk about where it succeeded, where it tripped up, and how it relates to the King Kong movies.

EP 5 – “Gunfighter Nation (With Alex Cox)”

This week we welcome famed indie filmmaker Alex Cox to talk about his experiences both in front and behind the camera, as well as learning a bit about the production of his new feature length western, TOMBSTONE RASHOMON.

EP 4 – “Top 3 Sympathetic Villains”

This week Jason sits down with Kate and Adam to bicker about their personal picks for 3 villains that they feel they could sympathize with on some level. Do you agree with their choices? Who would you pick?

EP 3 – “Film vs Digital in Academia”

This week we sit down with a Associate Professor Victor Jendras (CU, Boulder) to talk about the use of analog and digital film in an academic setting and how that world has changed with the technology.

EP 2 – “Indie Cinematography with Alana Murphy”

Today I sat down with indie cinematographer Alana Murphy to talk a bit about her process and how working with smaller budget films influences what she does.

EP 1 – “Batman vs Superman vs Captain America: Civil War”

Tonight we discuss the differences and similarities of the major studio films, BATMAN VS SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE and CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, with guest Kate Lawlor.